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Basics of Membrane Switch: Structure

There are two main structures

Raised structure:

The switch button is slightly raised, slightly higher than the panel, forming a 3D membrane switch. The convex is helpful to stimulate the operator’s sensitive touch, so as to help the operator accurately determine the position of the button and improve the recognition speed. The convex of the membrane switch can be designed into a variety, improving the decorative effect of the product and achieving a perfect appearance.

Flat structure:

Flat structure was common in the initial stage of membrane switch. The buttons on the membrane switch simply use color to express position, shape and size. The accuracy of the operation can only be identified by the operator’s vision, and there is no appropriate feedback information to indicate whether the fingers press the effective range of the switch to make it work, thus affecting the confidence of the whole machine monitoring and control, and the speed of operation as well.

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